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Magical Madge and Chilly Billy Howell, Founders of The Delta Bohemian
Magical Madge and Chilly Billy Howell, Founders of The Delta Bohemian®

Owners Billy and Madge Marley Howell are native Mississippi Deltans and founders of The Delta Bohemian®, an online literary and multi-media website celebrating the unity and diversity of the Mississippi Delta.

Clarksdale White House (CWH) and the Delta Bohemian Guest House (DBGH), a two-story former Delta cypress cook’s house located behind the CWH, were built in 1917 by a Delta planter. The CWH began renting rooms in 2015 and the DBGH started in 2012. Both properties are a Delta Bohemian® Company.

The CWH is a one-of-a-kind Clarksdale guest house with Madge’s upscale yet bohemian style. The CWH provides contemporary warmth with a real sense of the old Mississippi Delta. Both the DBGH and the CWH are ideal respites for couples, groups of friends, small families, business travelers, and Deltans returning home for the holidays. Often small groups will reserve the CWH and DBGH and thus have the entire property to themselves, creating a truly special paradise for fellowship with each other but also providing plenty of space for alone time.

Guest enjoy meeting Madge and Billy along with their lovable shihpoo “Dandy” who visits the house from time to time.

The Delta Bohemian® is proud to offer both of these authentic, unique treasures-of-a-place-to-stay to visitors from around the world making their pilgrimage to Clarksdale, heart of the Mississippi Delta.

There is nowhere else quite like the Clarksdale White House and the Delta Bohemian Guest House. Let Magical Madge welcome you and orient you to this historical delta town. Madge and Billy are both Clarksdale born. Let them give you a personal introduction to their town.​

Rent the Clarksdale White House, the Delta Bohemian Guest House or rent both! You will love it!

Your hostess,​
Magical Madge

Clarksdale White House Hostess Madge Marley Howell. Photo by Rory Doyle



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