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The Clarksdale White House

One cannot miss the distinct Clarksdale White House when driving down the main boulevard of West 2nd Street, which links Downtown Clarksdale to the historical residential neighborhood West of the Sunflower River.

The stately Clarksdale White House, built in 1917, has long been an iconic home in the Delta town rife with Clarksdale history. It is enhanced due to its sitting atop an unexpected elevated foundation within the extensive property lines.

The home is anchored on one side by a massive four-car garage that serves as an additional focal point for the beautiful home.

Two large magnolia trees proudly rest on either side of the front entrance giving it a formal yet inviting appearance. The dignified front door steps along with the abundance of windows beckons guests to come inside.


Having been born in Clarksdale but raised in Tallahatchie County on a farm, Magical Madge has vivid memories of her trips to the Delta town with her mother. Invariably, they would drive down the main boulevard, West Second Street, where all the big, pretty houses were located. Madge would crane her neck every single time looking for that amazing home on the corner with the huge carport. She imagined what it would be like if she could go inside.

In 2010, her dream became a reality when Magical Madge and Chilly Billy Howell had the opportunity to purchase what was known as the Wegener home and now lovingly called The Clarksdale White House. (CWH)

After most of their five children had grown and moved away, the couple decided to convert their primary residence into a B & B of sorts. Having already converted the back Guest House into an overnight accommodation in 2012, they began renting out their five large bedrooms in the CWH, each with a private bath, to visitors from all over the world.

It gave Madge great pleasure to connect with her guests, ensuring their positive experience while staying in Clarksdale. Providing guests with clean, large and private accommodations with a personal touch of Southern hospitality and character from Madge, sets stays in the Clarksdale White House apart from any other place.

The Clarksdale White House and the back Delta Bohemian Guest House are historical homes built in 1917 by a local Mississippi Delta planter named John Nause. Some of the wood used to build the DBGH and CWH came from his farm called Ashlog Plantation near Marks, Mississippi.

John Nause built The White House for himself and the guest house for a farm employee named Riley and his wife, who served as the family’s cook. Another bit of trivia: John Nause’s wife, Hazel, was crowned “Miss Clarksdale.”

Common Spaces

Living Rooms – two large sitting areas which can be separated by pocket doors

Dining Room – table and chairs with bar glassware and wine bottle opener

Kitchen – Coffee and Tea – Self-serve complimentary breakfast cereals, breads, fruits, milk, juice and snacks available 24/7 for Guests during their stay. Fully equipped kitchen.

Backyard – brick, fenced-in with picnic table, hammock and seating. Bohemian pond. Shared with the Delta Bohemian Guest House.

Parking – private carport for off-street, covered parking

Washer/Dryer available by request

Free Wi-fi

 No Pets

 TV in common sitting area for viewing DVD library, Netflix or Amazon. No cable signal.

SECURITY: The property of the CWH and DBGH features 24 hour monitored exterior video security for our Guests added comfort. Video digital doorbells are located by the Carport Door and the Back Door for Guests needing assistance during late check-ins.

House Interior

The house interior is described best by reviews of past guests. Here are a few quotes from our guests:

  • “An awesome place”
  • “Perfect”
  • “Classic old south with a touch of whimsy”
  • “Plush and comfortable”
  • “Gorgeous”
  • “Large, spacious, comfortable, clean, stylish, interesting, surreal”
  • “Just lovely”
  • “Stunning house”
  • “Clean and spacious”
  • “Cool vibe”
  • “Gracious hospitality”
  • “Most wonderful two days we have spent anywhere”
  • “Dream garden”
  • “Unbeatable. 100% recommended”
  • “A pearl of Clarksdale”
  • “Absolutely perfect”
  • “Exceptionally good”
  • “Close to downtown”
  • “Large room with super large comfortable bed”
  • “Luxury bathroom”
  • “Madge is a super host”
  • “Absolute must to stay here”

We could go on and on but would rather you experience it for yourself. Magical Madge has decorated the home with artwork and furnishing she has collected or that have been handed down for generations in her family.

Guests often spend leisurely time going from room to room taking in the myriad of senses to the eyes. Many local artists works are featured in the home.


House Exterior

The front yard, anchored by two large magnolia trees, has an expansive lawn. A magnificent Japanese Magnolia sits on the East side of the house with azalea bushes flanking either side of the entrance door.

The magical, private and brick fenced-in back garden lures guests to enjoy its bountiful pleasures. Several tables with large umbrellas make for ideal gathering spots for friends. A tin-roofed picnic table provides a work setting or a unique place to enjoy a meal.

The large hammock is a favorite resting place for guests. There is an abundance of shade and numerous plantings giving the back yard a magical feel and very special hideaway setting. Chilly Billy’s goldfish pond provides the perfect backdrop and sound to accompany the myriad of birds and squirrels feeding on the bird feeder daily. The private back garden truly set the Clarksdale White House and Delta Bohemian Guest House apart from all other accommodations in town.


All Rooms


  • HONEY ROOM couch
  • Honey Room Bathroom
  • East Room Bathroom
  • East Room bathtub and shower
  • Treetop Room Bathroom Entry
  • Treetop Room Antique Bathtub
  • Treetop Room Bathtub Detail


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