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The White House (WH) is an exclusive historical home which shares a common backyard with our other property, the Delta Bohemian Guest House (DBGH). Both properties are for short-term holiday accommodation only.

At the WH every guest reservation is both important and special to us. We will strive to make your visit to the WH and Clarksdale a pleasurable experience.


Note: Hiring a Room in The White House (WH) does not create a residential tenancy agreement. Hirers are granted a limited permission to occupy their room in the WH.

Note: Variances can be agreed on but only by arrangement with the owner in writing.


Upon your reservation via our website your credit card will be charged an advance payment of one night’s stay plus tax. Your Credit Card deposit payment secures your booking with the WH. Please see cancellation/refund policies below.

The day of your booking your balance will be charged to the credit card you originally booked with. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. No cash please. If you booked using Airbnb, Flipkey etc, those entities will collect your funds for disbursement to The Delta Bohemian.

Extended stays are negotiable and at the owner’s discretion. Payment of the rental deposit and/or the final payment constitutes the clients’ acceptance of these POLICIES (TERMS AND CONDITIONS).


Please be aware of our CANCELLATION POLICIES.

If your travel plans change and you must cancel your reservation, shorten your stay or check out early, please be aware of the following cancellation policies.


Please contact us at least ten (10) days prior to your arrival date to cancel your reservation. Please see REFUNDS if you must cancel in less than ten (10) days of your arrival.


Please contact us at least thirty (30) days prior to your arrival date to cancel your reservation. Please see REFUNDS if you must cancel in less than thirty (30) days of your arrival.


Please understand that we must ask you to take financial responsibility for your entire reservation. If the cancellation is caused by the client, money paid is refundable if cancelled within the specified period required. If the cancellation caused by the client is made outside of the specified period required, money for the entire reservation is non-refundable unless your room in the WH is re-let for the entire period of the original reservation. If we can re-book your room in the WH, a full or partial refund will be made and a $50 cancellation fee will apply.

Travel insurance is recommended for medical and cancellation coverage.

Extenuating Circumstances for Host Cancellations

In the rare instance where extenuating circumstances arise, your host may need to cancel a confirmed reservation. In such cases, host will refund the deposit (one night’s stay) in full.

  • Death in the family
  • Serious illness or serious illness in the family
  • Natural disaster in the country
  • Political unrest in the country
  • Property damage
  • Sale of property
  • Maintenance issues that affect the ability to host

RATES: All rates, amenities and policies are subject to change without notice.

CHECK-IN TIME: 4:00PM for The White House

If arriving outside of check-in time, please call us!

CHECK-OUT TIME: 11:00 AM Late checkouts are subject to additional charges.


Number of guests should not exceed the number stated on the invoice or subsequently agreed to, in writing/email. Fees will apply for excess guests not agreed to by the owner in advance. All rates are based on a two adults per bedroom.


Your personal Innkeeper is Madge Marley Howell. Her cell number is 662-392-9249.


Absolutely No Smoking inside; however designated outdoor smoking areas are the backyard and patio areas or under the carport. Please dispose of any garbage or cigarette butts and do not litter.


The DBGH shares a common private backyard and back patio area with the WH. Poor William and Magical Madge live in the owner’s suite on the bottom floor of the WH. Feel free to enjoy the large brick-wall enclosed backyard. Poor William has created his own version of a Delta Pond and Garden. It is a perfect spot to relax before you head out for the night and super place to enjoy a cup of morning coffee.


Disturbance to the neighbors, including excessive noise, is prohibited and may result in termination of rental. Guests must not create noise, which is offensive to neighbors and other guests, especially between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and during arrival and departure at any time throughout the occupancy. The WH is in a residential neighborhood; please be considerate of the neighbors and of other guests. The owners trust that the hirer will understand the neighborly relations they are trying to uphold, whilst the hirer is enjoying a stay in a room in the WH. Thank you for respecting fellow guests, the neighbors and the local community.

Regarding excessive noise, guests and visitors must comply with any instructions from owners, Madge and Billy Howell.

Guests and visitors must abide by any noise abatement conditions, standards, and orders issued by police or any regulatory authority to minimize impacts upon the residential amenity of neighbors and local community.

This is the Mississippi Delta, y’all, and we do enjoy excellent conversation along with an evening or late night libation in the patio area as well as an early morning coffee. We certainly do not intend to squelch a full Delta experience so use your good judgment and have a good time! Just don’t go crazy folks.


The owner assumes no responsibility for the tenants’ personal property.


A booking with a room in the WH releases The Delta Bohemian, the DBGH, the WH and Madge and Billy Howell from any injuries, which may or may not occur on the premises.


No open flame, outdoor fires or candles, without written permission from the owner.


Please call for help in making arrangements to board your pet. Owners Madge and Billy Howell have a Shih-poo dog, named Dirty Dandelion, aka Dirty D or Dandy who stays with them. He may hang out in the back yard from time to time. Please don’t let him outside the gates.


No children (12 and younger) are allowed. Only special situations granted by the owner allow for children (12 and younger). If permission is granted, parents need to check under beds, in the garden, and inside the guest house, as well as all around the property for items that children have left or moved. Children 12 and younger must be monitored and accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the property, taking care around the pond.


In an effort to ease the impact on our environment, maid service is NOT provided for guests staying multiple nights. Fresh towel sets are available upon request.


Moved items may be considered as missing items, so please ensure that, if furniture or equipment is moved around, all items are returned to the original place where they were found.


Keep all doors closed and locked. When leaving the property, please close all doors and engage the dead bolts on the wrought-iron exterior doors. Please enter and leave the WH through the carport door.


Clean-up of vomit or other bio-hazards in WH: $300


Gift certificates must be presented at check-in along with a valid driver’s license. Gift certificates are transferable. Any remaining amount on gift certificates can be used at a later day up to the expiration date. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.


Covered off-street parking in the WH carport or numerous street side spots and one pull-in spot in front of the red storage shed on Seminole Street.


Coffee and Tea provided plus some breads, milk, creamer and fruit – make and serve yourself.


Free wireless internet.

No television provided in the WH.


Appliances include Refrigerator/Freezer, Range/Oven, Dishwasher , Keurig Coffee Maker and Microwave. An assortment of pots, pans, plates, glasses and flatware are provided.  Please be careful if you decide to cook.

The WH does not allow a fryer or frying foods. Hot grease presents a fire hazard, pollutes the environment and just ain’t good for you. If you need something fried, we suggest you buy it already made and bring back to the house for your enjoyment. Thanks for understanding! Please clean up dishes after cooking.


A compact combination washer and dryer is located in the WH should you need to wash a load of laundry.


The White House and the Delta Bohemian Guest House are historical homes built in 1917 by a local Mississippi Delta planter named John Nause. Some of the wood used to build the DBGH and WH came from his farm called Ashlog Plantation near Marks, Mississippi.

John Nause built the guest house for a farm employee named Riley and his wife, who served as the family’s cook. Another bit of trivia: John Nause’s wife, Hazel, was later crowned “Miss Clarksdale.”

The DB Guest House and The White House are owned by Delta Bohemians Billy “Poor William” Howell and his wife “Magical” Madge Marley Howell. The two properties share a common and private backyard and patio.

“Poor William” has marked a part of the large, bricked walled back yard with his unique, true Delta style garden. You ain’t seen nothing like this folks! Lingering on the patio with libation in hand, songbirds singing, sometimes bumble bees buzzing, along with sounds of Clarksdale is an ideal way to relax and relish being a Delta Bohemian® while catching your breath between adventures around town and the Mississippi Delta.

The MS Design Maven Marilyn Trainer-Storey (see http://www.msdesignmaven.com/) has embellished the interior of the DBGH with her earthy, elegant style with some bohemian from Magical Madge thrown in. The two women completely renovated the unique guest house and have created a place to stay like none other in Clarksdale.

Billy and Madge were born in Clarksdale. The couple married in 2009 in a Pirate Wedding at the historical Clark House Residential Inn in Clarksdale where Billy serves as the Innkeeper. With the support of the owner of Clark House, Billy and Madge started the DELTA BOHEMIAN®.

The website is a literary, erudite, provocative, providential, felicitous and bohemian website which celebrates the UNITY and DIVERSITY of the Mississippi Delta. The DB Guest House and The White House are their dream come true. The many travelers to their hometown arrive from all over the world. Billy already meets many visitors at the Clark House and Madge, while managing Morgan Freeman’s MADIDI Restaurant, was hostess to many, too. The couple relishes making new friends, sharing their unique community with others and learning about other fascinating places in the world.

The DBGH and the WH gives them even greater opportunities to make new friends and show them a true Delta Bohemian® experience. The DBGH and WH are only 3 blocks from downtown Clarksdale.


As you walk or drive along West Second Street you will notice many beautiful homes. Back in the day, this was the premium place to live in Clarksdale. In the past ten to twenty years many families have moved away or to other newer neighborhoods. If you drive around you will see pristine homes and yards and you will see impoverished homes and yards and you will see everything in-between.

We enjoy our neighborhood and are grateful we live in a neighborhood filled with diversity. We know you will love it too.

Welcome to our unique part of the world and make yourself at home in The White House!


Visit the DELTA BOHEMIAN® website and Subscribe!

Book a Jeep or Lexus Custom Tour with Poor William at or give him a call at 662-645-9197

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